Captioning Angel Catbird

Captioning Angel Catbird

Over the past month, we’ve been hosting a contest on, an online writing community of more than 45 million people. Users read a summary of the story of ANGEL CATBIRD, saw the trailer and an excerpt, and were invited to write new captions for an image from the graphic novel series. Four illustrations were posted over four weeks. Winners were chosen weekly, and then one Grand Prize Winner was chosen when the contest closed. Weekly winners got signed copies of Angel Catbird and the Grand Prize winner received an original illustration from the graphic novel AND an original ‘pin-up’ by Margaret herself.

Above is the illustration we posted for week 1, and below are some of our favourite captions. Some we liked because they made us laugh; others touched on the real-world issues for cats and birds.

Congratulations to Week #1 and Grand Prize Winner Ben Sobiek!
(Speech) It’s no use, Professor Muroid. I found the evil clone you made of me, and I’m going to destroy it.
(Thought) Why do I always fall for the reflection-in-the-window trick?

Honourable Mentions
(Speech) How could this happen? I spent so much time and worked so hard.
(Thought) My … holographic nail polish chipped!!!!!!”

(Speech) IT WORKED!! It actually worked!
(Thought) But if this worked than that means …

(Speech) No way! I’m a cat-bird thing?
(Thought) Wait, what bathroom do I use? I have a sudden urge to scratch things and ruin curtains. TO THE NEAREST FURNITURE STORE!

Other Weekly Winners & Honourable Mentions

All images courtesy of Dark Horse Books and © Margaret Atwood.

Week Two

I know I saw that laser pointer somewhere up here …

Honourable Mentions
I must use these gifts for good, to help people in nee….
Wholly cats! Is that a glowing red dot!
I must use the gifts to stop the glowing red dot!!

Singing I believe I can fly!
Oh god, did I just hit a butterfly??!
I should probably watch for air traffic …

I’ve always dreamt of what it would be like to fly …
But I never thought I actually would be able to someday!
Of course, I never thought I’d become parat cat part owl, either ….

Week Three

VioletAlias (top to bottom)
Wait … Why do you have wings?
Are these real? I can’t believe these are real!
How? How do you have these wings?
If he really does have wings, does that mean he’s also a cat’s natural enemy – a bird? He can’t be one of us and be a bird! It’s unacceptable!

Honourable Mention

@KristineInChausti (top to bottom)
Hold up – we got a dress code here.
Damn – even I tried harder than that.
Ugh. Well, if grooming is an issue, I can help out.

Week Four

I don’t know if my Roomba could clean that.

Honourable Mentions
This snapchat filter is EVERYTHING>

Are we playing charades? Ohh, I know this one! Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries?

Thanks to all who participated — more than 500 entries! — and to the folks at Wattpad for welcoming Angel Catbird to their community!