For the Birds

For the Birds

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with Earth Rangers!

With more than 150,000 members in every Canadian province and territory, Earth Rangers is the kids’ conservation organization, dedicating to educating children about biodiversity, inspiring them to adopt sustainable behaviours and empowering them to become directly involved in protecting wildlife.

Earth Rangers visited 1,125 schools in 2015, engaging more than 230,000 children in conservation activities. In addition to the school program, they have “Missions” that can be downloaded and completed at home.

Missions are fun, tangible activities that always relate back to protecting animals. Earth Rangers’ members participate in more than 50,000 Missions every year, making a significant and positive impact on the environment and their local communities.

The For the Birds Mission includes instructions for a DIY Bird Feeder and offers other tips to help birds. Nature Canada and Earth Rangers worked together to add information about how important it is to keep birds safe from cats, as well as how to avoid having birds hit windows.

We’re delighted to be working with Earth Rangers, and hope you’ll check out the newly updated For the Birds Mission here!