Dwayne the Adventure Cat Rides the TTC

Dwayne the Adventure Cat Rides the TTC

A Kensington Market tabby named Dwayne has become something of a sensation. BlogTO.com did an article about him after seeing videos of him riding the TTC  posted on Instagram by his owner.

Dwayne is what’s known as an adventure cat, meaning his owner takes him all kinds of places. Sometimes he travels in a backpack, sometimes on a leash. There are adventure cats whose owners take them boating, kayaking, hiking and mountain climbing, but Dwayne seems particularly well-adjusted to the hustle and bustle of Canada’s biggest city.

There are videos of Dwayne on the TTC – buses, subways, streetcars, even the UP Express – calmly watching as the doors open and close and passengers come and go. Apparently he prefers buses or streetcars to the subway, but he seems happy to be on an adventure regardless. He goes shopping at the pet store, happily riding in the cart and then jumping out to browse the items on the shelf. He even hops up on to the checkout conveyor belt to play with his newly-chosen catnip carrot!

Dwayne is infamous for his love of pinball machines and may be the only cat in the whole wide world who frequents pinball joints. He’s certainly the only one we’ve ever heard of!

To see the videos, check out Dwayne on Instagram, or read the BlogTO article here.