Auckland Firemen Rescued 1000 Cats in 5 Years

Auckland Firemen Rescued 1000 Cats in 5 Years

The New Zealand Herald recently reported that the fire service in Auckland has rescued nearly 1000 cats in the last five and a half years, with feline friends making up more than half of all animal rescues.

A Google search did not reveal any Canadian statistics on the number of cats-rescued-by-firemen, but it did provoke us to wonder how much of our firemen’s time is spent rescuing pets. YouTube has dozens of videos of firefighters rescuing cats, climbing trees and crawling into culverts.

While we think pets are very much worth rescuing, we wonder if it wouldn’t be better to keep our pets safe in the first place, leaving the firemen to, well, put out fires.

Read the NZ Herald article here.

And see the YouTube videos here.