Manitoba calls on cat owners to keep their pets safe indoors

Manitoba calls on cat owners to keep their pets safe indoors

Lac du Bonnet is the latest in a series of Canadian cities and towns calling for pet owners to keep cats and small dogs indoors after a series of coyote attacks. According to the Winnipeg Free Press, about 30 pet cats have gone missing from the area in the past two months, and people have been making grisly discoveries all over town.

The situation has led to some conflict within the community, with pet owners calling on conservation officers to catch the coyotes. The government responded by pleading with pet owners to keep their cats indoors: “Many house cats will prey on wildlife such as birds or rabbits. Allowing pets to roam freely outdoors introduces them to the food chain, both as a hunter and as prey,” the province said.

Coyote Watch Canada, a non-profit organization that advocates for positive wildlife experiences through education, research, mediation, intervention, and conflict resolution, has excellent advice and information for individuals and communities to learn to co-exist with coyotes. Their website notes that the reason for a sudden increase in coyotes is usually due to humans intentionally or unintentionally providing a food source. In this case, it seems the food source is cats.

Prevent your cat from becoming part of the food chain, as prey or predator!

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