Peterborough Council Voting on New Bylaw

Peterborough Council Voting on New Bylaw

Peterborough’s Committee of the Whole has approved a progressive bylaw which will require cat-owners to keep their cats safe from the risks of free-roam. The bylaw will be up for ratification at the next Council meeting.

A city staff report says rules are needed because people are tired of their neighbours’ cats getting into in their gardens, yowling at night and killing birds.

The bylaw will also put a limit on the number of cats or dogs in any household, as well as ban urban chickens.

According to, “Coun. Henry Clarke voted in favour of the bylaw.

“I am an animal lover,” Coun. Clarke told his peers. “I have three cats and I don’t let them out.”

He added there were too many animals on the street that are sick, hungry and leading miserable lives, whereas indoor cats live longer and healthier.

Coun. Lesley Parnell says it’s easy to return lost dogs to their owners and they want to do that for cats. She said, right now, “less than three per cent of them will ever get home.” ”

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