Road Trip for Shelter Cats

Road Trip for Shelter Cats

Many shelters across the country have an influx of cats in the spring and early summer, commonly referred to as “kitten season.” The Prince Albert SPCA was struggling to house the 137 cats in their care, an increase of 58% from the previous year. The shelter is a no-kill facility, so they needed an alternative solution.

The SPCA teamed up with the Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders on Vancouver Island, who arranged to transfer 50 of the cats to the Victoria SPCA. Victoria has a shortage of adoptable cats, thought to be due to the city’s proactive spay and neuter program which has proven to be very effective in keeping cat populations from getting out of control.

This isn’t the first time the Great Victoria Animal Crusaders have helped Prince Albert’s cats: last fall, they took 70 cats and found homes for each and every one of them within 48 hours.

The Prince Albert SPCA has also started spaying and neutering all their cats before they’re adopted out, expecting to see some positive results from this change in their own shelter intake.

“It’s a real labour of love for the drivers that go and do this. It’s not an easy trip,” said Liana Maloney, Manager of the Prince Albert facility.

Four organizations in Victoria have set up foster homes for each cat and have them all up for adoption.

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