Angel Catbird Posters

Angel Catbird Posters

We’ve produced a poster about Angel Catbird, Margaret Atwood’s stunning graphic novel, and the real life facts about cats and birds.

As Atwood asks in her introduction, “Why is such a nice old lady messing around with flying cat-owl superheroes and nightclubs for cat people, not to mention giant rat men? Strange.”

But perhaps not so strange. Atwood has long been interested in bird conservation, and has had many cats over the years. “I now had a burden of guilt from my many years of cat companionship, for my cats had gone in and out of the house, busying themselves with their cat affairs, which included the killing of small animals and birds. These would turn up as gifts, placed thoughtfully either on my pillow instead of a chocolate, or on the front doormat, where I would slip on them. Sometimes it would not even be a whole animal. One of my cats donated only the gizzards … From this collision between my comic-reading-and-writing self and the bird blood on my hands, Angel Catbird was born.”

So this poster relates the fantastic world of Angel Catbird to the real world issues faced by outdoor unsupervised cats and wild birds.

Download a copy of the Angel Catbird Poster here. If you would like multiple copies to display in your organization, contact