Cat Fencing

Cat Fencing

If you want your entire yard to be available to your cat, fencing is a good option. No ordinary fence will do, of course – since cats are such great climbers, special provisions must be made! Cat fencing serves to keep cats out as well as in, so if you’re concerned to keep strays or homeless cats out of your garden, fencing may be a good solution for you.

Cat fences serve to protect your cat from cars and other risks of roaming, but they don’t prevent birds from entering your yard. To limit your cat’s hunting success, consider using a BirdsBeSafe™ collar.


This Australian invention, now available in Canada and the US. Oscillot® consists a series of four-bladed aluminum paddles which are mounted along the top of your fence between end posts containing bearings. When your cat tries to jump and scale the fence, they put a paw on a paddle, which spins, so the cat can’t get traction and falls back safely to the ground. It’s cat-safe, easy to install and can be added to virtually any kind of fence or wall that’s at least 1.8 m tall. Bonus! Oscillot America offers our readers a 5% discount: use promo code “Catsbirdsoscillot5” to get your discount when you order online.

Deer Fence Canada

This Ottawa company, long in the business of helping people keep deer out of their gardens, also sells cat fences. The system they use is a series of ‘cat hoops’ to attach to the top of your fence. Netting is then attached to the hoops to make a barrier the cats can’t climb over. Order from

Purr-fect Fence

This American outfit sells free-standing fences as well as a system to cat-proof existing fences and ships to Canada. The key feature of both options is the “Cat-Proofer™” fence topper that has pivoting arms that bend when the cat tries to climb it, making it impossible for the cat to escape your yard. These can be used to convert most any 1 meter or higher fence (or wall) into a cat-proof barrier.

Cat Fence In™

Another patented cat barrier for addition to an existing fence, Cat Fence In™ has several variations for use with different heights of fences, from 1 meter high, with special accessories for use around trees. A system of steel brackets and rods suspends a strong polypropylene netting at an angel of 45 degrees. Find Cat Fence In online at