Cats in Canada

Cats in Canada

Update: the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has updated this report, issuing Cats in Canada 2017: A Five-Year Review of Cat Overpopulation. Click here to read about the new report.

This is a comprehensive report on the cat overpopulation crises in Canada, from the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.

“Cats are popular in Canada – one in three Canadians owns a cat and more than a third of households include an average of 1.9 cats. Unfortunately, their level of care is not matched by their popularity. Cats are less likely than dogs to receive veterinary care, to have permanent identification, to be reunited with their owner, or to be adopted by a new family if lost or abandoned. Furthermore, cats are twice as likely to be surrendered to shelters and more likely to be euthanized.”

Each year in Canada hundreds of thousands of animals enter shelters and the vast majority of these are cats. Some are pets surrendered by their owners who can no longer care for them, while others are found roaming as strays… Some are never adopted… It is projected that more than 600,000 homeless cats in Canadian shelters did not find new homes in 2011.

… The common goal of all those who care about cats should be to reduce suffering. The negative consequences of cat overpopulation are borne by everyone – it is a community problem. All stakeholders, including the public at large, must assess and act upon what they can accomplish to end overpopulation.

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and its members are committed to continuing this process and working toward a future in which all cats that can be are homed and enjoy humane treatment.”

Download the full Cats in Canada report below.