The State of Canada’s Birds

The State of Canada’s Birds

This is a comprehensive survey of Canadian bird statistics from 1970 to 2010, written by Environment Canada scientists in co-operation with the North American Bird Conservation Initiative.

According to The State of Canada’s Birds, 2012, bird populations have declined overall by 12 % since 1970. While some species have increased in population, certain bird groups, such as grassland birds and shorebirds, have experienced major declines.

In 2014, 86 species of birds were of special concern, threatened, endangered or extinct. In 2001, that figure was only 47 species, an increase of 83% in just 13 years.

Trends indicate that there are groups of bird species—shorebirds, grassland birds, and even more dramatically, aerial insectivores that depend on flying insects for food—are in major decline (42%, 45% and 60% respectively).

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