World Record Holding Cats

World Record Holding Cats

Robert Dollwet is a dog and cat trainer in Malibu, California who has an amazing YouTube channel called CatManToo. Proud owner of Didga and Boomer, two rescue cats, Robert has trained his beloved furballs so well, they’ve both earned a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records!

Boomer holds the title for “The Longest Human Tunnel Traveled Through by a Skateboarding Cat.” Boomer broke his own record earlier in 2017 by pushing himself under 20 pairs of (human) legs. (His previous record was 13.)

Robert writes, “If I put the skateboard on the ground, Boomer will take off with it! It’s true, he gets on the board and pushes himself with either one back leg, or runs with his two back legs to gather speed, then he hops on. Of course I don’t let him take the board alone because he doesn’t know how to steer the board, he’s too light.”

Watch Boomer’s world record-breaking feat:

Meanwhile Didga – her name is short for Didgeridoo — broke her own record for Most Tricks Performed by a Cat in One Minute. She successfully performed 24 tricks in 60 seconds, ranging from rolling over to jumping over a bar on a skateboard.

Robert hopes his cats’ World Records will help people understand that cats are trainable, and that training cats helps get them the stimulation they need. He also advocates for adopt-don’t-shop, spay-neuter, against declawing, and encourages owners to keep their cats safe (indoor or outdoors only on a leash or in an enclosure).

As Robert says on his website, Didja and Boomer “are helping me debunk many myths about cats, like they can’t be taught anything, or they need to roam to be happy (along with many other myths).”

Catmantoo’s YouTube channel also includes a fabulous set of cat training videos that teach viewers how to train their cats to do tricks, as well as solve an array of behaviour problems.

To get started with a few easy tricks, read Cat Training Basics.

CatManToo on YouTube