Our Educational Resources offer an opportunity to teach aspects of the Canadian curriculum while engaging students in fun, inspirational activities that promote the well-being of both cats and birds. Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives believes all animals are important, and as humans, we owe both cats and birds protection.

Suitable for use by both humane and wildlife educators, as well as teachers, the program spans Grades 4 to 9, and can be used with or without Margaret Atwood’s graphic novel series, Angel Catbird, published in tandem with our campaign. The novels include not only an engaging narrative and a multitude of cat puns, but also banners of information about the real-life scenarios facing cats and birds. Angel Catbird (the character) can see both sides of the dilemma, and so offers readers a uniquely balanced perspective based on compassion for both kinds of animals.

The activities involve a variety of subject areas, including science and technology, math, art and social studies. The lessons can be taught individually or in succession. Each activity includes an outline of curriculum links to give you a better idea of where you can fit them into your lesson plans. We also list recommended materials and give an appropriate time allocation for each activity.

The program is divided into two sections: Grades 4 to 6 and Grades 7 to 9. Documents can be downloaded directly from those links, either as one package or by lesson.

We welcome suggestions for improving this program. Please contact us at info@catsandbirds.ca if you have any feedback.

We’d also love to hear about your classes’ experience with the program on social media! Links to our social media feeds are included in the introductory section of each package, or click here to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

View Grade 4 to 6 program.

View Grade 7 to 9 program.

We are grateful to PetSmart Charities of Canada for supporting the development of this program.