iPads for Cats!?!

iPads for Cats!?!

iPads are no longer just for humans!

The Regina Humane Society is using iPads to help get the cats in their shelter sufficient stimulation. There are several interactive programs designed specifically for cats and this Humane Society is taking advantage of it. The programs have fish, mice, and insects that make sounds and move around the screen. This allows the cats to “hunt” and “stalk” their prey in a fun and safe way. And just like interactive games for humans, the cat programs get more difficult as the cat completes the various levels of the game. The games not only keep the shelter cats mentally stimulated and active, but since many cats play the games at once, it also helps them interact with other cats.

If you have an indoor cat, or are considering transitioning your cat from outdoor to indoor, consider iPads as a fun and safe alternative to hunting that provides mental stimulation and exercise! And don’t worry, there are apps for Android and other platforms as well. Just use your favourite engine to search for “apps for cats” and you’ll be amazed at the results!

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You might also be interested in building a window perch for your cat — a 24/7 TV show all for them! — or using an actual TV. Just google “videos for cats” and you’ll be amazed at the variety available!