The Easiest Leash Training in Cat History!

The Easiest Leash Training in Cat History!

In mid-June 2004, we bought a Golden Retriever puppy. We called him Kywee. Kywee was a dog who loved to walk with us everywhere: by car, at the park, going to the public market, etc. Then, when we moved into our home, we also bought a kitten named Taz, to keep Kywee company when we were not there.

We did not know they would become the two best friends in the world.

In the spring of 2005, when the snow melted, we started taking long walks with Kywee again. However, whenever we went out, Taz would meow, wanting to go for a walk with Kywee. He seemed to feel abandoned.

After all, these two spent most of their time together.

So we decided to bring Taz to a pet store to buy him a harness and a leash suitable for his size.

Taz was a very easy cat to handle: when we first put the harness on him, he didn’t seem bothered by the new accessory at all. So we tied the leash on and went on our way.

To give you an idea of just easy to handle Taz was, when we had to give him oral medication we would simply open his mouth, put the tablet on his tongue, and he would swallow by himself, without making a case about it!

At first we brought Taz to the park in our arms, to see how he would behave. After all, he was only 6 months old and he’d hardly ever been outside except for visits to the vet. It was not long before Taz understood the principle of walking on a leash: he saw his friend walking around and did the same thing.

His friend Kywee was so happy to be able to walk with his bud, side by side.
So we would leave the apartment, each of us with a pet on a leash, heading towards the park a few blocks away. The park was actually a baseball field, with children’s play structures and a section to play petanque.

At the park, the two friends had fun together, wearing their leashes and harnesses.

There were often other people there, although few. At first, the other dogs did not know how to react — never mind the people — but after a while, the dogs got used to seeing a cat among them.

Other people thought it was fun to see a cat on a leash, and some people asked us if it was difficult to train a cat to a leash. In the case of Taz, it was not at all difficult.

Taz always loved his walks, until he retired from being an active cat.

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