Halifax Talks Cats

Halifax Talks Cats

Our partners at the Ecology Action Centre (EAC) hosted an event in Halifax on November 21 that marks an important milestone for cats and birds in that community. The event brought Susan Kelly, the Manager of Animal Services for Vaughan, Ontario, Dr. Helene Van Doninck of Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation, and Hope Swinimer, founder of Hope for Wildlife and the Homeward Bound Pound together to talk about how to improve the welfare of pet cats and birds in Halifax.

The top recommendations include a microchip clinic, no-roam bylaws, low-cost spay-neuter, and a public education campaign.

Patti Green, the Bird Conservation Outreach Co-ordinator for EAC, was interviewed for an article on TheWeatherNetwork.com and said, “We don’t let our dogs outside at 10:00 p.m. and go to bed, but it still happens with cats. We need to be keeping our cats on harnesses if we want to take them for a walk the same as we would our dog. We need to sterilize them, we need to vaccinate them. We need to keep them safe indoors. The outdoors has so many perils for cats.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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